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Wildguarder® / Ltl Acorn Solar Power Panel Kit

Wildguarder® / Ltl Acorn Solar Power Panel Kit


The LTL Sun Power Panel Kit is designed to power all LTL Acorn and Wildguarder Trail Cameras.

Built in 1500mAh Lithium-Polymer battery
Wildguarder® - Ltl Acorn Solar Power Panel Kit
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Product Description

Wildguarder® / Ltl Acorn Solar Power Panel KitLtl Acorn - WildGuarder Logo

The Ltl Acorn / Wildguarder Solar Charger Ltl-SUN series is a charging device designed especially for Ltl Acorn and Wildguarder scouting cameras.
Ltl-SUN provides a supplemantary power source for the Ltl Acorn and WildGuarder scouting cameras, as the solar panel charges the built-in Lithium-Polymer batteries during the day.
Under normal usage (when the camera is not used most frequently), Ltl-SUN enables a Ltl Acorn camera to last as long as over a year in the wild.

NOTE; Online Product Only – NOT STOCKED IN STORE – Delivery Delay of Approx. 21 Days


  • When connected, Ltl Acorn scouting cameras will use the solar charger as the priority power source,
  • Resorting to camera’s own power source only after the power from the solar charger is fully exhausted.
  • Built-in Lithium-Polymer battery in Ltl-SUN is safe, resilient to extreme temperatures, and its capacity is as large as 1500mAh Wildguarder® - Ltl Acorn Solar Power Panel Kit
  • Designed with a sophisticated safeguard circuit: In the case of overload and overdischarge, the power will automatically be shut off, protecting the battery and ensuring its long-term use and reliability.
  • Output short circuit protection. 



  • Output current of the charger as high as 800mA.
  • Output voltage set at 7V, fully compatible with Ltl Acorn scouting cameras.
  • Can be charged through the USB port of a computer or a 5V-output power adpater.
  • Waterproof design suitable for outdoor use.



  • Easy-to-use mount, giving the panel an all-angle access to direct sunlight.
  • Comes with corresponding Ltl Acorn / Wildguarder scouting camera power cable.


  • First, slip the solar charger into the holder, linking the lower hook of the holder with the gap at the bottom of the device.
  • Connect the swivel mount with the holder using the built-in screw. Then, adjust the angle of the mount so that the solar panel is directly facing the sun. Generally in the northern hemisphere,this means the panel is facing south, angled 10 to 20 degree up towards the sky. However, pleasenote that the ideal orientation depends on the specific situation of the set-up site.Wrap the strap around the disk of the swivel mount once, and then fasten it to the tree. Or, simply position the device using any alternate methods that works best for you.
  • Note: The side that connects with the power cable must face down, so as to prevent water damage in case of rain.
  • Plug the power cable (the bigger end) into the socket at the right side of Ltl-SUN, and then plug the other end into the output power socket of the Ltl Acorn camera. If Ltl-SUN is charged, the camera will be immediately powered.


  • It is strongly recommended that batteries be installed inside the Ltl Acorn or WildGuarder camera (even when connected with the solar charger), otherwise, the camera may stop operating due to power shortage (during intensive use of the camera, the solar charger may not be charged fast enough, and therefore is not ideal to be used alone without the batteries).
  • Since Ltl-SUN is designed specifically for Ltl Acorn and WildGuarder sounting cameras, it may not be compatible with other electronic devices and may cause them to malfunction.
  • The Ltl-SUN is NEVER to be used in parallel connection with any other power sources, any damage resulted from this incorrect usage will not be covered by the warranties.
  • Pre-Charging the Ltl-SUN Solar Charger gives ultimate performance immediately
  • Since the solar charger is only charged to about the half of its capacity when it leaves the factory, it is recommended that it is fully charged before usage.
  • Ltl-SUN can be charged using a 5V output power adapter or by connecting to a USB port of a computer. The socket is the usual mini-USB portal, at the bottom left of the solar charger.
  • When using the power adapter provided in the original package, the green light will turn off when the charging process is complete.
  • Do NOT plug the two ends of a USB cable into the two ports of Ltl-SUN at the same time, or the device will fail and will not be covered under warranty.


  • The solar panel of Ltl-SUN solar charger is a glass product, please handle with care and keep away from young children.
  • Any damages of the device caused by attempts to take it apart will not be covered under the warranties.
  • Please remember to put the silicone-rubber case on Ltl-SUN when used in the wild to prevent water damages.


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