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V-Grip™ Universal ATV-TEK Flexgrip Pro SINGLE ATV Carrier Utility Rack

V-Grip™ Universal ATV-TEK Flexgrip Pro SINGLE ATV Carrier Utility Rack


Keeping rifle or bow steady and ready over the worst terrain, it’s the FlexGrip Wedgelock Pro SINGLE Gun, Bow and Utility Rack!
With its easy-mount design and almost endless adjustability, it’s no wonder it’s becoming a fast favorite among your hunting buddies.
Crossbow to compound, shotgun to AR, the Pro-Single adjusts to accommodate and safely cradle them all.
The FlexGrip Wedgelock includes both ATV and UTV edges for Polaris® Lock and Ride® Systems, as well as FlexGrip Pro Racks!

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Product Description

V-Grip™ Universal ATV-TEK Flexgrip Pro SINGLE ATV Carrier Utility Rack

With the Coleman company not producing the ‘MAD DOG® Single Fin Grip® Pro Rifle Racks Single Item‘, this is the NEW alternative.

ATV Tek – UTV Tek brings us the V-Grip™ Single Kit, with Variable Fit Technology providing a customized fit for guns, guns in a soft case and bows.
All rack adjustments can be made in the field without tools.
The specialized Bow Limb Slot holds bow stable and is compatible with modern parallel limb designs.

A true custom fit for your gun, soft gun case, bow, handled tool, or any other item using the highly engineered, gun, bow, and utility slots in the V-Grip™ line of products.

The new and improved tubular and composite rack mounting system offers effortless installation, unmatched versatility, and a rock solid mounting base. Finger adjustable knobs allow for quick, tool-free adjustments while on the trail.

V-Grip design isolates recoil and vibration. This protects your valuable gear while heading out in the field. The V-shape conforms to whatever is placed in the rack. Made with the highest quality materials and workmanship. The V-Grip™ Handlebar mount works with handlebars and all round tube racks up to 1″ in diameter. Each V-Grip™ Double comes with (4) forks, (4) rubber snubbers, (2) mounting bases, and all mounting hardware.

The innovatively engineered core boasts strength and allows the rack to conform to nearly any item the 360° rotation allows the rack to be placed at the optimal mounting angle. A tool-free design makes in-field adjustment quick and easy.

Engineered to capture and protect your firearms. The soft overlay dampens vibration and protects the stock of your gun. The flexible forks also work great with soft sided gun cases.

A perfect management system for your bow. Simply adjust the angle of the rack to match the angle of your bows limbs for a custom fit!. It also works great to capture the riser.

The highly adjustable racks aren’t just for guns and bows. The advanced adjustment and strong design are perfect for any tool you need to take with you to get the job done!

Featuring 15% larger forks for extended carrying capabilities, 360° of rotation and an amazing 16″ of width adjustment, Rock solid low-profile mounting bases adjust to provide a custom fit on tubular or composite racks


  • New and improved tubular and composite rack mounting system
  • Customized fit for guns, guns in a soft case and bows
  • Gun or bow is closer for quick access
  • Bow Limb Slot holds bow stable
  • Compatible with modern parallel limbs
  • Low-profile mounting base
  • Air TEK suspension isolates shock and vibration to protect your gear
  • SmartBlock mounting technology fits all tubular and plastic UTV / ATV / 4 wheeler racks from 1/2″ to 1 1/4″
  • Rack adjustments are easy to make without tools
  • 15% larger forks, spline allows fork to rotate 360°
  • Side-to-side adjustability
  • Available in single, double and rack / handlebar mounts, (this is the Single mount kit)
  • Rubber replacement straps included


Perfect, for your Can Am, Polaris, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki etc Side By Side UTV or ATV

## Manufacturers ATVTEK Code ## 356008 /  FFG1 ##
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