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UST Para 550 Heavy Duty Cord With Carabiner – Paracord 9 Meters Lime

UST Para 550 Heavy Duty Cord With Carabiner – Paracord 9 Meters Lime


Para Cord 550 hold upt to 550lbs / nearly 250 kgs!

9 Meters and Made in the USA

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Product Description

UST Para 550 Heavy Duty Cord With Carabiner – Paracord 9 Meters LimeUltimate Survival Technologies (UST) Logo

Be Prepared

Strong and multi-functional, the Paracord 550 by Ultimate Survival Technologies is a practical accessory for any camper, hiker, or outdoor enthusiast.
Great for a multitude of outdoor uses, UST’s Para 550 Hank 9 meters is made from 100 percent nylon, wrapped up for compact travel and storage, and includes a convenient carabiner.
Great for camping, backpacking, hunting, and more, you can use it to construct a shelter, lash gear together, and even tease out the core threads to use as fishing line, sewing thread, and more.
Use cord to rope up shelters, lash gear together, and create bracelets, zipper pulls, handle wraps, lanyards, and more.
Nine Meters (30 Feet) in length, this durable cord is made from 100% nylon fiber,1.5 allowing it to hold up to 550 pounds (nearly 250 kilograms) of weight, making it perfect to tie down gear.
Individual threads (strands) can also be teased out of the paracord to be used for anything from fishing line, to sewing thread, to even emergency dental floss for that one piece of meat you can’t get out of your teeth. The 9 meter hank comes attached to an aluminum carabiner so your cord can be easily attached to your bag or gear, making it a convenient carry on any venture into the wildernes.
USA made!



  • Made from 100% heavy duty nylon1.6
  • Unravels to 9 Meters (30 feet)
  • Holds up to 550 pounds (nearly 250 kilograms)
  • Convenient carabiner included
  • Threads able to be teased out for additional applications
  • Fluorescent Lime Colour to stand out
  • Dimensions: Length:  9.14 meter (30 ft)
  • Weight: 62g ( 2.2 oz.)



Nylon paracord is not designed to hold body weight or to lift heavy objects overhead. Shock conditions (swinging, jerking, twisting of the paracord) can greatly reduce the maximum work load.
Nylon cord also has the tendency to recoil when put under tension, causing more stress to the line and further lowering its possible work load.
DO NOT use for climbing, repelling, or lifting heavy objects overhead as it may result in serious injury and even death.

## Manufacturers USTCode ## 20-5×30-32 ##
Distributor Warranties Apply On All ‘New’ Product, Unless Stated Otherwise.




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