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The Lamborghini of Safe Lights 8 Piece Kit – Battery Operated, Motion Sensor, Auto Off!

The Lamborghini of Safe Lights 8 Piece Kit – Battery Operated, Motion Sensor, Auto Off!


Brighten up your safe’s interior and valuables with HunterCoNZ’s new Clearview LED Strip / Bar Light Kit.
6 strip lights, auto on / off motion sensor for convenience and 150 lumens of light output from each strip.
Self-adhesive backing and easy connection snaps, the LED strip light kit is simple and easy to install.
LED strips are installed on both the hinge and open sides of the safe.
The Lamborghini of Safe Lights 8 Piece Kit - Battery Operated, Motion Sensor, Auto Off!
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Product Description

The Lamborghini of Safe Lights 8 Piece Kit HunterCoNZ Logo
– Battery Operated, Motion Sensor, Auto Off!

Have you ever used a torch to see in side your Gun Safe?
Ever stood in front of your dark gun safe starring at your collection before you realise which one you want to grab?
Don’t fret!
HunterCo brings us this simple, effective lighting kit!
Gun safes can be a dark and difficult to navigate without a good lighting system in place.
This LED gun safe light kit is exactly what you need to brighten the dark space and shed light on your gun collection.The Lamborghini of Safe Lights 8 Piece Kit - Battery Operated, Motion Sensor, Auto Off! 1
6 x 30cm connectable LED Strip lights, each strip with 18 Powerful daylight LEDs.
Each LED light bar are 30cm long, gel coated waterproof,  quick snap connectors and 3M double sided tape preinstalled for the easiest of installations.
Add to these the connectable PIR sensor & AA Battery pack and your ready to light up your safe!
The LED strips all connect in series (ie. Daisy Chain) wrapping from one side (2 strips), up and around the top (1 strip) and down the other side (2 strips), then down the bottom (1 strip) of the safe. This really floods the safe with consistently bright light.

Sensor Switch
The PIR has a detection range of 8 meters with a 120 degree sensing angle.
Open the safe door and your lights will come on or just wave your hand inside.
In low light circumstance, your movement will trigger the sensor and turn the lights on automatically.
The lights will auto OFF after 0-360s (45s with default) without any motion. Energy Efficient LEDs
Light delay after no movement, the light will shut off after 45 seconds. If you need it on again wave your hand at the PIR.
Delay is adjustable 15 seconds to 4 minutes!

Each light bar comes with 18 pieces of high quality LED chips and delivers 150 lumens of brightness with a low power consumption, producing a total of 750 lumens and 8.6W in total for each kit.
5000K CCT colour appearance is suitable for display lighting and task lighting.
Ultra-slim triangular shape & clear PC lens light bars.
As LED does not contain UV or IR, it is safe for art work and cool to touch.

Easy and Flexible Install
This complete LED light kit adopts slim triangular shaped LED Strips, so its perfect for corner application and hiding behind doors or under counters.
Each light bar has 3M tapes backing both sides.
Every light bar comes with a female and a male connector on either ends, so they can be easily connected together without trouble.
We also include extension cables in the kit for long distance application.
For long distance application, you can also connect another kit together with the same power bank.

ApplicationThe Lamborghini of Safe Lights 8 Piece Kit - Battery Operated, Motion Sensor, Auto Off! 1
Ideal for corners, cabinets and show cases, especially under counter, closet, gun box, gun safe and display lighting.

Open the packet, install batteries, remove the double sided tape on the back of the LED Strips, then attach to the inside of your metal safe and then connect all the strips, sensor and battery pack, then your good to go and light up your safe – SO EASY.
Super Bright 18 LED Strips, Motion Sensor, Battery Powered Closet Cabinet LED Night Light Cool White.

This newly released LED light bar kit featuring plug-n-play quick installation can be used in multiple lighting occasions, such as under counter and under cabinet lighting, display box lighting, closet lighting, step lighting etc. – We just market them as the best Gun Safe Lighting Kit.


  • PIR LED Motion SensorThe Lamborghini of Safe Lights 8 Piece Kit - Battery Operated, Motion Sensor, Auto Off! 1
  • Detection Range 8 meters
  • Detection Angle 120°
  • 18 Super Bright Cool White LEDS Per Strip – Light Bar
  • Beam Angle 120°
  • 6 Gel Coated Light Bars / Strips 30cm length
  • Cool White Colour LEDS3000-6500K CCT
  • 150 Lumens per Strip, Total 750 Lumens
  • Light on Delay Adjustable 15 seconds to 4 minsVarta 8 x AA Battery Image
  • Auto Off
  • 12v DC
  • Power Wattage: 2.2W/bar, 8.6W/kit
  • Requires 8 x AA Batteries  INCLUDED!
  • 80,000 Hours LED Life Span
  • 19cm x 3 cm x 1.5cm



  • 6 LED Light Strips with 3M Backing StripsThe Lamborghini of Safe Lights 8 Piece Kit - Battery Operated, Motion Sensor, Auto Off! 1
  • Motion Sensor
  • 5 Cable Extensions
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • 8 Cable Management Clips
  • Battery PowerBank
  • 8 x AA Batteries


Will activate, Light on when detecting motion within approximately a 8 meter radius from the PIR sensor.
Time delayed 45 second after no movement auto shut off. – All Battery Powered!

## Manufacturers / Distributors Code ## GNS-LSK-MP06 ##
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