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SuperMax™ Lightweight Double Scoped Hard Plasatic Rifle Case With Foam Inner

SuperMax™ Lightweight Double Scoped Hard Plasatic Rifle Case With Foam Inner


Nothing looks cooler than a scoped rifle in a case!

Protect Your Investment!

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Product Description

SuperMax™ Lightweight Double Scoped Hard Plasatic Rifle Case With Foam Inner


Keep your guns safe and secure with the Supermax durable, hard-shell double gun case!
Filled with spiked egg foam, your guns will safely in the foam and are locked in place as soon as you shut the lid.
The hard plastic exterior of the case will absorb the impact from most bumps, drops or knocks.
Great for when you’re travelling on planes or when the gun is bouncing around in the back of car.
The handle and the light weight of the case makes it easy and safe to carry when walking to the range or hunting ground.
Features 4 latches with padlock compatibility for extra safety.
Professionally designed and developed strictly complying with the highest safety protection standard.

Ergonomic handle with a rubber covering design has a comfortable hand feel and lessens strain.
Standard configuration is solid wavy egg foam with cube foam, which enhance protection degree and easy-to-use.
The waterproof, damp proof and shockproof functions offer a better protection to your valuable assets.


Sporting; Hunting to Range use Transpoting Protectively 2 Rifles / Firearms.
Military: protecting and transporting guns and ammo, equipments for communication, EOD medical, etc.
Photography: storage and carrying of precision camera or lenses etc.
Industry: good companion to your precision meters, who not only offers better protection but also portable and make your outdoor work easier.


  • Oversized Footprint for Scopes
  • Holds rifle with large objective lens
  • Large economy single gun case
  • Hard ABS Plastic
  • Comfortable molded in handle
  • Thick wall construction
  • 4 Hasp Locking Latches / airline approved
  • Gentle Convoluted Foam Interior
  • Egg Shell Protective Foam Padding
  • Strong & Durable
  • Dimensions
    – External dimensions: 1400mm L x 330mm W x 140mm H (Approx.)
    – Internal dimensions: 1370mm L x 300mm W x 130mm H (Approx.)


It’s important to take good care of your rifle in between shoots so that all of that hard work you put in to keeping it in top condition isn’t a waste.
Nothing looks cooler than a scoped rifle in a case!
The SuperMax Double rifle cases are strong and durable.
A Gun Case protects your gun from bumps and bruises while preventing unwanted trespassers into the case.
The gun is blanketed with egg-shell foam padding, and four locking points
Protect Your Investment!
Your rifle is protected by Egg-shell foam padding.
For safety the case incorporates four locking points to prevent opening during transport.

## Manufacturers SuperMax Code ##  521016  ##
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