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Seahorse™ S30 Braid Winch

Seahorse™ S30 Braid Winch


Seahorse 150 Watt Motorised Braid Winch


Product Description

Seahorse™ S30 Braid WinchSeaHorse Logo

The new Seahorse™ Braid Winch is powered by a 150 watt motor (same as our other Seahorse™ winches) and uses a 10ah Lithium battery.
Due to the Braid line and the low drag design of the new Seahorse™ S30 kontiki, this battery can retrieve the kontiki unit up to three times on one battery.
We have made the Winch simple to use with a soft start single speed control unit, ensuring full power is delivered to the motor no matter what.
We have retained the Pulse function, allowing you total control over the Winch whenever you need it.

There is 1500 metres of 140kg/300lb breaking strain Dyneema non stretch braid and only 1.2mm in diameter.
It is constructed from 8 strands, meaning if one strand is broken, the other 7 will take the strain.
We place ½oz (20 grams) weights every 100 metres along the line to ensure the mainline is held on the bottom and to resist the line being pulled by side currents.

Because the Dyneema braid is non-stretch, it means we can build everything lighter and smaller, making the winch easier to carry.
The small disadvantage is, being lighter, it is more likely to be pulled down the beach by big fish.
Simply sit on the winch, or stake it to the ground and the problem is solved.Seahorse S30 Braid Winch

The Seahorse™ Braid Winch has a simple and easy method to change drums.
Release two clips, and the drum can be changed.
This means swapping drums and using the Seahorse™ two line system is quick, simple and easy.

The Seahorse™ Braid Winch is designed to operate with the Seahorse™ Autofeed Traceboard, which contains the trace or stoppered section and the leader. With the Seahorse™ Autofeed Traceboard, the total line is a similar length to a traditional winch. If required, we can add a 80 stopper stoppered section and 100m leader that can be used with an existing Seahorse™ Traceboard.

The New Seahorse™ Braid Winch is the perfect partner for the new lightweight Seahorse™ S30 and the Seahorse™ Autofeed traceboard.
This is the ultimate compact lightweight yet powerful kontiki fishing package, using the latest technology to deliver the best kontiki fishing experience you will ever have.

Due to the lightweight of the Braid Winch, we have found the best way to operate it is to use it as a seat and sit on it when winding in.


The simple answer is technology moves on.

Since 2002, when the first Seahorse™ electric Winch was designed, there has been two significant developments.
The first being non-stretch Dyneema braid, and the second being Lithium Seahorse S30 Braid Winchbatteries.
We have all seen the changes in Rod and reel fishing since the introduction of Dyneema Braid. And thankfully, our mobile phones have gotten smaller thanks to lithium batteries.

While sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries, and mono filament nylon line are still great products, there is the disadvantage of weight and the stretch in monofilament. By moving to Dyneema Braid and Lithium batteries, we have moved to the next generation of kontiki Winches. These changes will change the way we kontiki fish, plus opening up new and exciting ways to use your Seahorse™ kontiki products.

The new Seahorse™ Braid Winch is lighter, approximately half the weight of a traditional electric Winch, and approximately half the size.
This means it’s easy for one person to carry, and it will fit in to smaller spaces.
You no longer need a big quad bike to carry your fishing gear.
But you might need it to carry all your fish home.


  • The Seahorse™ Braid Winch contains your mainline, while the Seahorse™ Autofeed Traceboard contains your hook (stoppered) section and leader.
  • If requested, Seahorse™ can add a 80 stopper stoppered section and a 100 metre leader if required.
  • The 10ah Lithium battery provides enough power to recover for three line retrievals
  • The 10ah Lithium battery has a built-in battery management system to ensure the battery is fully protected, ensuring long life.
    But once the battery is ran flat, the BMS will turn the battery off, until it is recharged.
  • It’s advance design makes it simple to operate and easy to clean, with the motor and control unit fully protected behind the side cover.
  • The drum is located to keep the braid line as close to the sand as possible, allowing he pull of the line to force the Winch into the sand.
    Please note, given the light weight of the Winch, it is likely to move sooner than heavyweight traditional winches.
  • The non stretch braid line removes the need for a drag or brake system
  • The 1.2mm Dyneema braid line is 300lb / 140kg breaking strain.
    Being smaller in diameter, it is less likely to be pulled sideways by currents and rips, plus we weight the line with a 1/2oz (20 gram) sinker every 100 metres to help hold the line in place.
  • The Dyneema braid is constructed from 8 individual strands, meaning if one is broken, the other seven will take up the strain.
    If the line is damaged, simply cut out the damaged section and tie together with a double or back to back uni knot, and you are back fishing.
  • Simply connect the Winch line onto the traceline situated on the Autofeed traceboard and your ready to fish. (remember to connect the leader onto the Kontiki).
  • All the wiring is done with marine grade tinned wire to ensure it can handle the tough marine environment
  • The powerful 150 watt motor and electronic control unit is protect under the side cover.
    The control unit is also fully encased in epoxy resin to ensure total protection
  • The simple single control unit with on/off and Pulse ensures you get full power and control to the Winch whenever you need it
  • The battery holder will also hold the Seahorse™ remote programmer.
  • A full 24 month warranty and support provides carefree operation. Call us anytime if you have a query regarding the operation of this Winch



  • Length – 35.5cm
  • Width – 34cm
  • Height – 26cm
  • Weight – 12Kg


Distributor Warranties Apply On All ‘New’ Product, Unless Stated Otherwise.






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