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Salt-Away / Salt Attack Mixer Multi-Function Spray Gun

Salt-Away / Salt Attack Mixer Multi-Function Spray Gun


A-Salt Multi-Function, Mixer Spray Gun.

Built in Dispenser, designed for dispensing Salt-Away CONCENTRATE at the correct mixing level.

3 Position Control Valve, for ‘Off’, ‘Rinse’ and ‘Salt-Away Dispense’!

Just pour in your solution to the dispenser and connect to your hose and spray away!

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Product Description

Salt-Away / Salt Attack Mixer Multi-Function Spray Gun

Salt-Attack multi function engine flush and spray gun sprays Salt-Away salt removal chemicals to the correct ratio of water to concentrate.
It is designed for ease of use with a new throttle type control valve to switch from off to rinse to Salt-Attack, and will handle high New Zealand and Australian water pressures.
Required for outboard and jetski flushes and most inboard flushing.
Constructed with a 3- position control valve off, rinse, Salt-Attack, (Off, Rinse, Salt-Attack dispense).
Salt-Attacks Receptacle holds a 100 ml and has been tested to withstand water pressure up to 120 psi.
The 100ml of concentrate in the dispenser of this spray gun will treat up to 512 litres of water.
The built in dispenser injects the required amount of Salt-Away concentrate to mix with your hose, water pressure.
Serviceable (washable) filter screen in dispenser.
Designed to operate with Salt-Away CONCENTRATE and Mothers Marine Wash’N’Wax.
Full 12 month replacement warranty and money back guarantee.


  1. Unscrew the dispenser, pour in salt removing (Salt-Away) Concentrate, then screw back in to position.
  2. Connect Hose to gun assembly
  3. Operate (For Marine, follow your engine manufacturers flush instructions)


Ideal for outboard flushing with our Deluxe Muffs and wash down by adding our spray gun.
The Salt Attack spray gun also works great with Marine Washcoat and Shine!

Salt Away 946ml and 3.79 litre refills can be purchased separately. No need to purchase the Mixing Unit again.

WARNING; 9 out of 10 Engines FAIL due to salt corrosion! – Act Now and Flush Your Engine.




  • Engine Flushing
  • Boat, Marine Washing
  • 4×4 Washing
  • Motorcycles, ATV, UTV, Side x Side Washing
  • Car Washing, Motor Vehicles
  • House Washing


## Manufacturers SALT-AWAY Code ## SAM ##
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118ml Ready to Use, 3.79l Concentrate, 472ml Ready to Use, 946ml Concentrate


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