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Moultrie M-8000 Series Security Box

Moultrie M-8000 Series Security Box


Protect your game camera from theft and curious animals with this powder coated steel security box.
A lockable front and cable-ready back will keep your Moultrie M-8000 Series trail camera safe and secure.

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Product Description

Moultrie M-8000 Series Security Box

Now you can leave your Moultrie game camera out in the field without worrying about it being stolen.
Made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel, this Moultrie security box is designed to easily strap / bolt to a tree, pole or other permanent structure.
Simply slide a Python™ or other 1″ security cable / through two holes in the back plate and secure it with the included lag bolts.
A front piece that locks with a padlock (not included) secures your camera inside the box while allowing it to remain usable.
The security box’s design also allows for the easy installation of any accessories.

*Fits M-8000 Series cameras ONLY

Leave your Moultrie game camera out in the field, without worrying about it being stolen with the Moultrie Security Box.
This security box is a 16 gauge powder coated steel box.

It is uniquely designed to easily strap the back plate to a tree or other permanent structure and secure with lag bolts, keeping your camera safe and still usable.
Use two different methods to secure your Moultrie game camera with a padlock in the front of the cast to secure the camera inside the box (padlock not included) and then use a Python cable, that will easily slide through holes in the the back of the security box to secure it to the tree (not included).
The box’s design also allows for the easy installation of an optional Moultrie power panel (Solar Panel).
The face of the box can be removed for access to your camera and is secured with a user-supplied padlock.
There are cutouts in the underside for your optional Moultrie Accessories.


  • 16 Gauge Powder Coated Steel
  • Protects your camera from thieves and wildlife
  • Unique Design for 2 Different ways of mounting, usie lag screws and / or cable lock
  • Padlock front locking facility (padlock holes in front of case – padlock not included)
  • Cutouts for optional accessories, power cable etc
  • Comes with Quarter-20 thumb screw for mounting camera to security box


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## Manufacturers Moultrie Code ## MCA-13437 ##
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