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Mercator Folding Pocket Knife – HANDMADE in Germany – 2 Colours Available

Mercator Folding Pocket Knife – HANDMADE in Germany – 2 Colours Available


After 100 Years of Manufacturing outstanding knives the Otter Messer company STILL Hand Make their products in Solingen, Germany
The Mercator knife – a piece of history for everyday life.
These are a mainstay in tool boxes, fishing boxes, kitchen drawers backpacks or as the design says in your Pocket.
Mercator is a well known infamous Knife World Wide!

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Product Description

Mercator Folding Pocket Knife – HANDMADE in Germany – 2 Colours Available

Mercator Knives manufactured in Solingen, Germany by Otter Messer.
They are a mainstay in tool boxes, fishing boxes, kitchen drawers backpacks or as the design says in your Pocket.
It is an ideal knife for the hunter, fisherman or outdoorsman.
Being Handmade in Germany with with High Quality componentry, these are a must have knife, – Lifetime Warranty!
Featuring a Slim design and durability make them an easy choice for a good solid Utilitarian knife.
But there is an extra sentimental aspect to them for many people that make them a little more special than your basic knife.
Mercator is a well known infamous Knife World Wide!

For many of us our first knife was a Mercator K55 Cat Knife.
Many were carried, kicked around, thrown at trees, made into spears and sometimes lost by young boys.
These knives first came overseas in the pockets of soldiers returning from Europe after WWII.
Many of those knives although well used are still in good working condition today.
This is because the Mercator has a simple, time tested design and excellent materials and construction.

It is difficult to find a better knife for the price than a Genuine Mercator Knife.
The 8.5 cm Carbon Steel Blade is forged in XC75 No2003 Carbon Steel to a Hardness of 56 HRC on the Rockwell Scale.
The blade is very sharp and is easy to sharpen when it becomes necessary.
The Mercator is very thin and its 6mm thickness allows it to slip into your pocket with ease.
Varnished Steel Cased Handle with Lanyard Loop will go through time without getting damaged as so often happens with wooden handle knifes.

Handmade in Solingen, Germany by Otter Messer.


  • Blade: XC75 No2003 High Carbon Steel
  • Blade Length: 85 mm,
  • Length Closed: 110 mm
  • Handle: Stainless Steel Handle, Black or RED
  • Weight: 74.5 grams
  • Length Open: 200 mm
  • Locking System: Safe Lock Back System
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
  • Origin: Germany


The Mercator knife has been produced in Solingen for over 100 years and with almost no changes to its design.
The Solingen original was first produced in the knife and blade forge “Mercator” Indiawerk Heinrich Kaufmann & Söhne.
Even though it wasn’t designed as an army knife, the army of Emperor William got to know and appreciate the qualities of the Mercator rather quickly.
This was also the time that created the name “Emperor William Knife”.
The knife was passed on from generation to generation as the Mercator knife, since it apparently was nearly indestructible.
This is how it made the jump into the present.
Simple, functional and robust – the Mercator knife has offered these benefits for over 100 years.
Today, it is used worldwide and distinguishes itself with its narrow, rugged design in everyday life.
The knife is available in 2 colour variants, in the classic black, red or blue.
The blade is carbon steel and it is lockable, which facilitates safety in working with it.
Since 1995 this rugged pocket knife has been produce by OTTER in Solingen.
Its form has not been changed to this day, as well as its qualities that have established it to be used in everyday life to this day: reliability, robust wear and easy handling.

The Mercator knife – a piece of history for everyday life

The OTTER company was founded around 1840 in a small ‘Kotten’ – a traditional grinder’s watermill – at the Königsmühle in Solingen by the Berns brothers.
Their name comes from the indigenous otters, which used to live in the riverbanks and streams in the Bergisch Land region in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
OTTER knives / pocketknives are made in Solingen, using traditional methods.
And they are still manufactured and sharpened there using meticulous hand craftsmanship to this day.
In 2011 Frank Rommel took over the company and is leading the traditional manufacturing into a new era.
It is important to him to preserve the consistency of OTTER knives and he is prepared to pursue new and different paths to achieve this.
The range of OTTER knives, as well as carefully selected new accessory additions, should continue to impress with the same quality that has distinguished them for many decades.
The product range includes knives for leisure, for the household, the garden or for hunting.
The majority of them are equipped with carbon blades, which means the pocket knives have an outstanding sharpness and robust quality – Made in Solingen / Germany.

## Manufacturers Otter Code ## 10-426RG ##
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