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MaxToch XSWORD 1,000 Lux, 2000 Meter Throw Spot Beam Torch – KIT

MaxToch XSWORD 1,000 Lux, 2000 Meter Throw Spot Beam Torch – KIT


This is a TOTALLY different Technology Light for a Torch to achieve this MASSIVE up to to 2K (2,000 Meter) throw!

Nothing else like it on the market at present.

Produced by Maxtoch, suppliers to the Chinese Military.

MaxToch XSWORD 1,000 Lux, 2000 Meter Throw Spot Beam Torch


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Product Description

MaxToch XSWORD 1,000 Lux, 2000 Meter Throw Spot Beam Torch – KITMaxToch Logo

NEW Optical Technology used on the MaxToch XSWORD Torch to achieve a beam distance of up to –
2,000 meters / 2 kilometers!Warning Never Shine

What a Powerful, World’s 1st up to 2 kilometer beam torch!
Along with all the accessories included, this torch kit is the only lighting source you will ever need.
Tried and tested by Craftys staff as we could not believe MaxTorch’s statement of 2,000 meters claim.
WOW, UNBELIEVABLE! –  Is what we can say.
What a torch & what a kit with the included accessories of a ‘Quick Release Piccatinny Mount’, ‘Scope / Barrel to Picatinny Mount’, ‘ 2 x MaxToch PCB Protected 18650, 3000mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries’, Screw on Lens Green Diffuser’, Spare Clicky Switch & Cover Assembly, Spare WaterProofing O Rings’, ‘Lanyard’ and Zipped Carry / Storage Bag with Velcro Secure Tag sewn in.


  • New Optical Technology of 500 Lumens to ACHIEVE Up To 2,000 Meters Beam Distance!
  • Tail End ‘Clicky’ Button with 3 Lighting Modes & Memory Function
  • 3 Lighting Modes
    – High – 500 Lumes
    – Medium – 300 Lumens
    – Low -= 100 Lumens
  • Spot Beam
  • 1,000 Lux
  • 500 focussed lumens
  • 2000m beam max
  • Powered by 2 18650 PCB Protected Rechargeable Batteries (INCLUDED)
  • Battery life is
  • High beam 2 hours1.7
  • Med beam 3h 20mins
  • Low beam 12 hours
  • Reverse Polarity Battery Protection
  • Stable Output of Beam from Constant Current Technology
  • Anti – Slide / Grip, Wicking Design Body
  • Made from SOLID Aero Space Aluminum Stick
  • Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodized Finish
  • Aspheric Surface Lens With Double Side Coating
  • Tactical Grip Ring
  • IPX-8 WaterProof Rating (Up to 2 Meters Submerged)
  • Size 245mm x 60mm (Head) x 25.4mm (Body)
  • Weight 285 grams
  • Accessories (INCLUDED)
  • Backed by NZ Maxtorch Distributors 12 months warranty & Public Liability Insurance.



Document Bullet  Click Switch for ON
Document Bullet  Click Switch to Cycle through High – Med – Low and stop on required brightness
Document Bullet  Click again to OFF


The torch remembers the lighting mode after staying on the brightness mode for more than 4 seconds.
i.e. You can cycle through brightness modes then once you’ve settled on the brightness you want and you stay on this brightness in excess of 4 seconds. The memory function remembers this brightness, so next time you turn the torch on it will default to this brightness setting.
The memory function will remember the last brightness setting that was used in excess of 4 seconds prior to being turned off.


  • XSWORD L2K 2 Kilometer Torch
  • Cordura Carry Zipped Storage Case with Velcro Secure Tag sewn in.
  • Adjustable Lanyard1.7
  • Screw on Lens Green Coloured Diffuser
  • Spare Replacement Clicky Switch, With Cover & WaterProofing O-Rings1.7
  • Quick Release Picatinny Mount
  • Scope / Barrel to Pictanniy Mount
  • 2 x Maxtoch 18650 PCB Protected 3500mAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries1.7
  • 1 x NZ +2 Bay Lithium Ion 18650 Battery Charger (not the knock off Chinese copy branded charger with illegal power adapter)
  • All above items are GENUINE MaxToch Items!



Unscrew and remove the tail clicky cap.
Then insert the supplied 2 18650 batteries with the Positive + terminal facing the torch head.
After loading the batteries, screw the tail cap on with all the threads aligned.
Torch is now ready for operation.


  • Built – In Multi-Protection Circuit that protects over charge, short circuit and reverse polarity
  • Constant current charge delivered which extends the lifespan of your batteries
  • 2 Independent charging bays
  • LED Indicator displays charging progress for each battery bay (RED – Charging, GREEN – Fully Charged)
  • Input; 100-240v at 50 / 60HZ
  • Output; 4.2v at 1.0A x 2
  • Dimensions; 105 x 64 x 44mm
  • Weight 151 grams
  • Terminal; NZ / AU Safety Standard Power Plug1.7



  • Built-In Circuit Protection PCB to prevent Over and discharge
  • 18650 Size
  • 3.7 Volt
  • 3500mAh
  • Size; 18.4mm x 69mm
  • Weight; 48 grams



  • Precision machined aluminum with anodized black matt finish
  • Quick release design
  • Size; 63 x 51 x 50mm
  • Weight; 88 grams



  • Precision machined aluminum with anodized black matt finish
  • Size; 44 x 43 x 45mm
  • Weight; 88 grams


## Manufacturers MaxToch Code ##  XSWORD L2K  #
Distributor Warranties Apply On All ‘New’ Product, Unless Stated Otherwise.

MaxToch XSWORD 1,000 Lux, 2000 Meter Throw Spot Beam Torch



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