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MAG Bino X Solid Case With Harness – By Badlands

MAG Bino X Solid Case With Harness – By Badlands


The NEW Bino X from Badlands is their Largest Bino Case they have ever made!

Covered by the famous Badlands unconditional warranty:
“We will fix it for free forever.
We don’t care if you bought it at a second-hand store, and if we can’t fix it, we will replace it. *
MAG Bino X Solid Case With Harness - By Badlands
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Product Description

MAG Bino X Solid Case With Harness – By Badlands1.10

Keep your optics protected and within reach with Badlands ‘ Bino X.
The NEW Bino-X is not only the largest case they’ve ever made, it just raised the performance bar- through the stratosphere.
With its new Progressive Opening Technology, now you can expose only as much of it’s inner treasures as the job requires, leaving everything else protected and dry.

With a total of 4.1 Litre (250ci) capacity this Bino Case is slightly larger than the standard Bino Case Mag Case (3.2 Litre – 200ci)

The Badlands Magnetic Binocular Case is a revolutionary new way to carry your expensive binos.
Keeps your binoculars right where you need them.2.2 1Pic
Badlands created a lightweight, durable bag that is a revolutionary way to carry your expensive binos.
The Badlands® Binocular Pack features a new water tight and dust proof closure called the Zip-No™ System, which makes accessing and protecting your binos easier than ever.
The binocular harness straps feature a new water tight and dust proof closure.

Around here (Badlands Headquarters), we don’t ask for much, only that we absolutely dominate every category we are in!
With our entrance in to the O.P.P last year (Optics Protection Program) our magnetically closed Bino case-was not only the fastest selling product in our company’s history, it literally set a new standard in how people carry binoculars.
Well, the new Bino-X is not only the largest case we have ever made, it just raised the performance bar- through the stratosphere.
With its new “Progressive Opening Technology”, now you can expose only as much of it’s inner treasures as the job requires, leaving everything else protected and dry.
Manufactured from Cordura Fabric

This product contains magnets. Do not use with a pacemaker or other similar medical device.

Badlands have thought of everything in this quality Harness Case along with their famous warranty *

It is covered by the famous Badlands unconditional warranty:
“We will fix it for free forever. We don’t care if you bought it at a second-hand store, and if we can’t fix it, we will replace it. *

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2.2 1Pic


  • Zip-No™ Technology (Magnetic Snap Closure)
  • Silent magnetic closure
  • Increased Capacity Size 4.1 Litre (250ci)
  • Holds Most 10×50 Binoculars
  • Built – in Tethers (Lanyards) for Binos2.2
  • Built in lense cleaner
  • 4 point harness, hydration compatible
  • Backpack Friendly Harness
  • Vented Shoulder Straps



  • Lightweight
  • Lifetime Unconditional Warranty *
  • Total Weight: 0.45 kg
  • Dimensions: 230 x 178 x 102mm
  • Volume Total: 250 CI – 4.1 Litres!
  • Manufactured From Durable Cordura Fabric
  • Solid Olive / Grey Colour 21-36903



KXO-32™ FABRIC     1.8

Badlands KXO-32 fabric is the strongest, quietest, most waterproof material in the hunting world.
How do they know?KXO-32™ Fabric Logo
Because they tried 31 different combos before they finally got it right!
Soft, supple, quiet….everything you’ve always wanted in a binocular case..and a mate but, that’s a debate for another time.

HYPALON    Hypalon Logo

Let’s face it….You put a lot of stress on your hunting gear. As you should!
Certain areas of your case are bound to take more abuse than others.Hypalon Logo
Through a scientific process Badlands calls “beating the living hell out of it”
they found these “high stress areas” and added reinforcements.

ARAMID BARTACKING   Aramid Bartacking Logo

Aramid fibers are fibers in which the chain molecules are highly oriented along the fiber axis so the strength of the chemical bond can be exploited.Aramid Bartacking Logo
What does that mean?
Well….they’re not sure exactly but Badlands does know that one strand of this thread can lift 50 kg so they don’t really care!

ZIP-NO™   ZIP-NO™ Logo

Zippers are everywhere and most of the time they are the best closure system you can have.
“Most” of the time didn’t quite satisfy us however.
There were times in the field when we needed something faster, quieter and one-hand friendly.ZIP-NO™ Logo
Over 8 years of research and development led to the creation of Badlands Zip-No™ Technology.
Using rare-earth magnets (the strongest on the planet), we developed a process in which we could bend them into rope like strands.
The result is a zipperless system that can be opened and closed silently with one hand and quicker than any zipper could ever be.
When stealth and timing is everything, Zip-No can be the difference between coming out heavy or with just a heavy heart.

CORDURA FABRIC™    Cordura Brand Fabric Logo

Cordura Fabric is used for its Stylish, Durability and Lightweight Strength, which means resilient to tears, Cordura Brand Fabric Logo
scuffs and abrasions.
A High Strength Nylon Fabric and due to its strength and resilience is commonly used in Military and Outdoor Apparel, Bags, Packs and Clothing.
The fabric is designed for living, and built to last.

Badlands Spares CLICK HERE

## Manufacturers Badlands Code ##  21-36903   ##
Distributor Warranties Apply On All ‘New’ Product, Unless Stated Otherwise.


Simply soak it in the tub with a mild scent free detergent, rinse well and line dry out of direct sunlight.
Do not put pack in the washer or dryer.1.9

For the last twenty years, Badlands has been designing and producing the world’s best hunting packs, hunting apparel and hunting accessories. During the past two decades, Badlands has also focused on developing the best tents, shelters and sleeping bags built for the specific needs of hunters.

Badlands Legendary Warranty *

We don’t care what happened, or whose fault it was, we will fix it for free forever.
We could care less if you bought it at a garage sale or a gear swap, as long as it says Badlands, it’s covered.
All we ask is that you use and abuse your pack as much as possible so we can learn how to make our products even better.Badlands Unconditional Lifetime Warranty Image

However, the pack must be repairable, if you throw it in a fire,-with the expectations that sort of craftiness will yield you a brand new pack – that is incorrect.
In all honesty, we have seen it all and we understand accidents happen and if it is legit we will always do our best to find you a replacement pack from our demo fleet.

Badlands has always been known for having the best warranty in the hunting industry bar none.
As a matter of fact, since we began in 1994 we have built our business around exceeding our customer’s expectations.
With the launch of the Badlands’ Apparel line, nothing is going to change..
However, let’s face it, clothing is an entirely different animal, therefore, there are a few modifications.

The Official Badlands’ No Hassle Apparel Warranty

Badland’s unequivocally guarantees that anything with a “Red Bull’s head” on it, will be the absolute finest garment you have ever owned, period.
We guarantee your Badlands product against defects in materials or workmanship under normal wear and tear for the life of the product.
If at the time you purchase one of our products, it does not exceed your expectations, return it and we will exchange or refund your purchase.
However, if life hands you a particularly bad day of hunting (sounds impossible right?) and you rip or tear your Badlands gear, we will do our absolute best to repair it if we can.
NOTE;  There is a shipping cost payable by the NZ owner to freight the product back to Badlands in the US to facilitate the above warranty


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Yes, we ship our products worldwide, (except Prohibited Items). For order requests outside New Zealand please send an export enquiry request
(CLICK HERE) so we can quote you, along with options for shipping.
Global Freighting Logo

NOTE; Importation requirements – Laws vary for every country, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that you can LEGALLY import the said product you want to order. Also, each specific country we export to have their own customs duties, customs vat / tax etc., and applicable additional freight and clearing charges. Please enquire with your local customs department to verify tariff heading, tariff codes, and possible import duties charges etc., that you may incur.

CRAFTYS accepts NO RESPONSIBILTY for Legality or Additional Charges for your Importation.

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