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Klarus HC1-R Dual Colour Headlamp 300 Lumens – 2 Year Warranty!

Klarus HC1-R Dual Colour Headlamp 300 Lumens – 2 Year Warranty!


Best new headlamp in the market today!

Just so Versatile with Spotlight and Floodlight Beams along with 5 Lighting Levels

+ a RED LED with 1 Lighting Level & 3 Modes, Solid On, Flash & SOS

2 Year Warranty.
Klarus HC1-R Dual Colour Headlamp 300 Lumens- 2 Year Warranty!
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Product Description

Klarus HC1-R Rechargeable Dual Colour Headlamp 300 LumensKlarus Logo
– 2 Year Warranty!

Any good headlight comes with a variety of options for any scenario, and Klarus’s HC1-R Headlamp does just that.
In addition to the five brightness outputs made possible by the dual spot and flood modes, the HC1-R features a tertiary red LED for an additional three ways to light up your surroundings.
While the standard red output is perfect for preserving your night vision with an easy-on-the-eyes low light, you also have access to the long-lasting strobe and SOS functions in red for increased visibility in case of emergency.
Add all this together with the headlamps’ lightweight (66 grams) and ergonomic design, 60° of adjustable tilt, and IPX8 waterproof rating- you might just find the answer to the most versatile headlamp ever.
Hint: it’s the Klarus HC1-R.
With up to 300 Lumens of light that reaches up to 72 meters and 3 LEDs; White Spotlight, White Floodlight and Red Light to meet every need you will ever need.Klarus HC1-R Dual Colour Headlamp 300 Lumens- 2 Year Warranty!

2 Year Warranty, With Proof Of Purchase (product is individually serial numbered).


  • High quality polymer construction, featherweight, high density, corrosion resistant
  • 3 LEDs: White Spotlight, White Floodlight and Red Light
  • Main Lamp (White Light): maximum output up to 300 lumens, maximum beam distance up to 72 meters, extremely bright at any distance.
  • Side Lamp (White Light): evenly distributed flood will no dazzle user, perfect for close range illumination.Klarus HC1-R Dual Colour Headlamp 300 Lumens- 2 Year Warranty!
  • Side Lamp (Red Light): signal light, perfect for night vision, great for close range illumination in the dark.
  • Dual-switch on top of light aids in quickly selecingt the required lighting levels and modes
  • 60° adjustable illumination angle to meet any needs.
  • 3 x AAA batteries included
  • Double O-Ring design with IPX8 waterproof rating, excels in any outdoor environment
  • Detachable ventilated elastic headband for maximum user comfort.



  • Main Lamp (Cold White Spotlight): CREE XPG3 S3 / 6500k lifetime up to 50000 Hours
  • Side Lamp (Cold White Floodlight): GMKJ GE-3535 W6 / 6500k, lifetime up to 50000 Hours
  • Side Lamp (Red Light): LED 620-625nm, lifetime up to 50000 Hours
  • Main Lamp: 5 lighting levels
    High Spotlight
    – Medium Spotlight
    – High Spotlight + Floodlight
    – High Floodlight
    – Low Floodlight
  • Side Lamp (Red Light):
    –  1 lighting level,
    – 2 flash modes
  • Voltage: 2.5V-5.0V
  • Battery: 3 x AAA batteries
  • Reflector: Orange Peel Reflector + Lens
  • Switch Type: Dual-Switch
  • Dimensions:
    – Length 64mm (2.52”)

    – Width – 43mm (1.69”)
    – Height – 38mm (1.50”)
  • Weight: 66g (2.33oz) with headband without battery
  • Material: PC + ABS + TPU



  • High (Spot+Flood): 300 Lumen – 4 hrs
  • High (Spotlight): 235 Lumen – 7 hrs
  • High (Floodlight): 100 Lumen – 11 hrs
  • Medium (Spotlight): 90 Lumen – 20 hrs
  • Low (Floodlight): 10 Lumen – 115 hrs
  • High (Red): 2 Lumen – 66 hrs
  • Strobe (Red): 2 Lumen – 132 hrs
  • SOS (Red): 2 Lumen – 198 hrs


Owners Manual CLICK HERE


  • Klarus HC1-R
  • Ventilated Elastic Headband
  • 3 x AAA Alkaline Batteries

Klarus HC1-R Dual Colour Headlamp 300 Lumens- 2 Year Warranty!

## Manufacturers Klarus Code ## HC1-R3 ##
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