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Hatsan AirTact ED Vortex Gas Piston .177 Cal Air Rifle Package + 4×40 Stealth Optics Scope

Hatsan AirTact ED Vortex Gas Piston .177 Cal Air Rifle Package + 4×40 Stealth Optics Scope


From Craftys comes this low cost 1000fps Hatsan Air Rifle packaged with a quality Stealth Optics 4×40 Nitrogen Purged Scope.
Powered by Hatsan’s Vortex Gas Piston system instead of spring powered.
Vortex Gas Piston provides a more steady and consistent power between consecutive shots, less vibration & recoil, approximately 5% quieter, & lighter to break the barrel for reloading versus spring powered airguns.
Then Hatsan’s ‘Intergrated Sound Moderator’ makes this air rifle even QUIETER!
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Product Description

Hatsan AirTact ED Vortex Gas Piston .177 Cal Air Rifle Package + 4×40 Stealth Optics ScopeHatsan Logo

AIRTACT ED – bestseller at a great price!
A new model from Hatsan Arms Company of Turkey, a modern lightweight air gun rifle with integrated silencer and ambidextrous, all weather, tactical style thumbhole synthetic stock,with Profiled MonteCarlo Cheekbone.
Perfectly balanced, and designed for those who are looking for a good, strong reliable air rifle with a proven design.
With the VORTEX Gas Piston system, provides a more steady and consistent power between consecutive shots, less vibration and recoil, approximately 5% quieter, and lighter to break the barrel for reloading versus spring powered airguns. 1000 fps Logo

Barrel – is covered with a polymer cover, precision threaded completed with integral silencer.
This solution allows you to maintain the nominal power of the air rifle, which is impossible with an optional silencer.
The optional tightened silencer always weakens the energy of the shot and causes the need for re-calibration of the optical devices, because the ballistic parameters of the projectile change. 14.1
Hatsan designers have made sure to solve this problem, with this Integral Silencer, and the balancing of the windbreaker has also been improved.

Stock – an ergonomic stock with a thumb hole (TH) made of durable polymer.
Grooving on the pistol grip and in the middle part of the bed provides a secure grip.
On the flask there is a contoured Monte Carlo cheek pad that facilitates the shooting and aiming.
The flask was adapted for right and left-handers –Ambidextrous.
The vented rubber foot at the end of the flask absorbs the recoil energy after the shot is fired.

Mounting rail – 11 mm mounting rail allows the installation of any optical sight.
Package is supplied with a Stealth Optics 4x40mm Scope.14.4
The stopwatch absorbing the recoil after the shot fires prevents the optical sight from moving along the rail and therefore does not require recalibration.

AirTact ED has a number of solutions to improve comfort and safety:

Anti Bear-Trap Safety protects against premature spring release while stretching, thus protecting against injuries to your hands or fingers.
TruGlo – contrasting optical fiber sights with fiberglass.
This allows for precise firing even in low light.
Bow tie – red, greengreen with the possibility of adjusting both vertically and horizontally.

FEATURES – HATSAN AirTact ED Vortex Gas Piston Rifle10.1Pic

  • VORTEX Gas Ram system.
  • Single shot break barrel action.
  • .177 (4.5 mm), caliber.
  • Rifled steel barrel with synthetic shroud and sound moderator
  • Ambidextrous, all weather, tactical style thumbhole synthetic stock.
    – Thumbhole with Profiled MonteCarlo Cheekbone
  • Grooves on grip and forearm for better control and feel.
  • Rubber butt pad for recoil absorption.
  • Grooved cylinder for 11 mm scope mounts & mounted scope stop.
  • Adjustable trigger pull & trigger travel.
  • Manual safety & automatic cocking safety.
  • Anti bear-trap safety.10.1Pic
  • Micro adjustable rear sight for both windage and elevation with Truglo fiber optics.
    – Diameter of Truglo Optical Sight – Rear 0.9mm Green – Front 1.5mm Red
  • Large muzzle break for easy cocking with front sight with Truglo fiber optics.
  • Length of Barrel 370mm
  • Total Length 1135mm
  • Weight (Rifle) 2.75kg
  • Product Code HAT-A-AT-ED-177VP
  • Package INCLUDES 4×40 Stealth Optics Scope and Rings



  • Magnification; 4x
  • Objective Lens; 40mm
  • Wide Field of View14.4
  • SHOCK & RECOIL Proof
  • Fully Multi Coated Lenses
  • Nitrogen Purged for Fog & WaterProofing
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Product Code ST-O-S-E440M



**** Buyer Must Send Us Evidence of Being 18 Years or Older to Purchase. ****
Its is an OFFENCE To Purchase Without Suitable Proof of Age – ID

Craftys Dealers Arms License T5122083

## Manufacturers Hatsan & Stealth Code ## HAT-A-AT-ED-177VP – ST-O-S-E440M ##
Distributor Warranties Apply On All ‘New’ Product, Unless Stated Otherwise.

10.1PicHatsan Vortex Gas Piston Imagery
Why Hatsan Vortex Gas Pistons?

Unlike our competitors, Hatsan Vortex Gas Pistons technology is developed and manufactured by Hatsan to be specifically used in most Hatsan Break Barrel and Under Lever airguns.
Hatsan Vortex Gas Pistons utilize regular air instead of any other type of gas.
Hatsan offers 6 different types of Hatsan Vortex Gas Pistons – encompassing the majority of Hatsan’s line of Break Barrel and Underlever spring action guns.

Benefits of Gas Piston Airguns

• Gas piston powered airguns can remain cocked for long periods of time without causing any spring stress or damage to the gun.
• Gas piston powered airguns produce more steady and consistent power between consecutive shots versus spring powered airguns.
• Gas Piston powered airguns eliminate most of the vibration caused by the oscillation of the heavy springs used in spring powered airguns. Gas Piston models oscillate much less and finish the action cycle in less time than spring powered models making for a more comfortable confident shooting experience.
• Gas piston powered airguns’ lifecycle is significantly greater than its spring action counterparts. There is no risk of spring fatigue or spring breakage. Fewer moving parts result in a much more efficient and reliable operating system.
• Gas piston powered airguns provide higher, consistent velocities over their lifetime when compared to spring action models. Springs get weaker over time causing decreases in velocity.
• Gas piston powered airguns provide a much smoother and quieter shooting experience than their spring action counterparts. With gas powered models, the cocking action is much smoother. Also, spring grinding noises are eliminated during the cocking and firing sequence.
• More steady and consistent power between consecutive shots.
• Eliminates most vibration caused by oscillation of heavy springs.
• Much smoother and quieter shooting experience.



Even though velocity rates may appear the same from brand to brand, in most instances that is not the case.
Hatsan establishes its velocity rating using heavier lead pellets, while most competitors use lighter aluminum pellets to market their velocities.
What this means for you is that a Hatsan airgun delivers OVER 30% MORE IMPACT ENERGY than an alloy-tested airgun with the same velocity.


Many of our airguns offer specialty features that come standard within our product line to provide shooters with a better experience, including the Quattro Trigger, SAS-Shock Absorber System, QuietEnergy, XRS – Recoil Reduction System, Barrel Release System, TruGlo® fiber optics, and the Triopad® butt system.


While other manufacturers work from widely used templates, all Hatsan designs are conceived and developed in-house.
This means your Hatsan airgun is an original, not a reproduction.


Complete vertical integration ensures the high quality you expect from Hatsan.
Every part of every airgun is produced right in our facilities to guarantee a wellmade finished product.
And only the highest-grade raw materials are used, including fine Turkish walnut and durable German steel.


It all started in 1976 with one young man hoping to replicate an air dart gun in his parents’ garage.
Since that time, Hatsan has become one of the world’s most recognized brands in the shooting sports, airgun and firearm industry – delivering its products to more than 95 countries.

This family owned and operated manufacturer maintains a hands – on approach – producing all designs and components in – house to ensure that each product deserves to bear the Hatsan name. In fact, the original founder is still very involved in new product development and design.

Serious. Solid. Impact. – Hatsan Arms Company

HATSAN is one of the self adequate factories of the world in firearms industry.
The production within the border of HATSAN includes, machining of wood, machining of metal parts, heat treatment, coiling, finishing like honing, different types of chemical plating & bluing, injection molding, metal injection, mold making, welding, engraving, barrel drilling & barrel manufacturing, laser marking, laser engraving on wood & metal parts, camouflage coating, assembly, quality assurance testing, test shooting, etc.
HATSAN is the only authorized processor of Mossy Oak to camouflage Mossy Oak patterns in Turkey.
HATSANS Raw manufacturing product is the highiest quality & durable required to produce Hatsan quality end products.
Raw materials that are used in HATSAN are of very high quality, like Turkish walnut and very high quality German steel.

HATSAN has a very well established 35000 m² production area, 650 workers and a machine park of total 500 machinery including high-tech Computer Numerical Controlled Machines.
Is a unique air gun manufacturer and the best known shotgun manufacturer of Turkey since 1976.

In design and engineering stage of production the latest 3-D CAD system is used.
All individual synthetic parts, metal parts and assemblies are analyzed through CAE softwares, so that cost elimination and durability are increased.
Thanks to up to 5 axis CNC machines all workpieces are machined by the CAM software, in house.

HATSAN has the ISO 9001 Certificate and ISO 9001 requirements are strictly followed in all the production & assembly steps

HATSAN became very famous in the world with its high quality products and very competitive prices.
Export oriented factory and exports 95% of its products to more than 95 countries around the world.
Hatsan has enough capability and background to produce any type gun in house.

Escort law enforcement shotguns are used by law enforcement forces in many countries.

Many well known brands of the world are produced / manufactured by HATSAN and branded as their own.



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