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Panasonic AAA Alkaline Battery Pkt / 4

Panasonic AAA Alkaline Battery Pkt / 4


Panasonic Alkaline Power Batteries are best when you need reliable, long-lasting life for your everyday devices.
Panasonic AAA Alkaline Battery Pkt / 4
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Product Description

Panasonic AAA Alkaline Battery Pkt / 4Panasonic Alkaline Battery Logo

Panasonic Alkaline Batteries offer premium energy for all your personal appliances.
They are suitable for use across a wide range of devices, from low-drain items like remote controls to those with high energy consumption needs such as digital cameras.
Whatever your device, you can expect reliable power and lasting performance from Panasonic Alkaline Batteries.

Alkaline Power batteries cells are engineered and produced by Panasonic, a trusted industry leader in battery technology since 1931.
Panasonic Alkaline Power batteries deliver long lasting power and value.

FEATURESPanasonic AAA Alkaline Battery Pkt / 4

  • Ultra High Capacity – Long Lasting Power
  • Environmental Friendly
  • AAA LR03 – MN2400
  • 1.5 Volt
  • Premium energy for all your personal appliances
  • Alkaline battery for everyday use
  • Powerful enough to be used in almost all compatible electrical devices
  • 4 Batteries



  1. Anti-Leak Protection preventing damage to appliances,
  2. Triple Tough Coating for greater reliability
  3. Extra Power Formula to maintain power for longer.


Keep your battery operated toys running longer with these Alkaline AAA Batteries from Panasonic!

Perfect For;

* Digital Cameras   * Camcorders   * Portable TV   * Clocks   * Toys   * Remotes   * etc

## Manufacturers Panasonic Code ## LRo3.AAA ##
Distributor Warranties Apply On All ‘New’ Product, Unless Stated Otherwise.

Panasonic AAA Alkaline Battery Pkt / 4


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