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Camoflage Neketai / Scruff / Neck Gaiter / Tube Scarf – Neck Warmer By HunterCo

Camoflage Neketai / Scruff / Neck Gaiter / Tube Scarf – Neck Warmer By HunterCo


Grab one of these HunterCo beauties for just about any occasion.
Completely Unisex!
1 Size fits all.
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Product Description

Camoflage Neketai / Scruff / Neck Gaiter / Tube Scarf – Neck Warmer By HunterCoHunterCoNZ Logo

Whatever you like to call these, but the Neck Gaiter from HunterCo is a must have accessory.
This lightweight multi use accessory is a must have. great for sun protection out on the boat, awesome for increasing camo coverage or blocking the flies in the bush, they can tie back your hair, keep your neck warm, be a fashion accessory around your wrist… the list is endless!
The lightweight and breathable material stretches to provide full shift coverage and protection 5 Pic
from the cold, retaining neck heat and keeping you warm.

Grab one of these HunterCo beauties for just about any occasion.
Completely Unisex!
1 Size fits all.


  • Light Weight Material
  • Breathable
  • Fast Drying
  • Wind Resistant
  • Neck – Face Protection
  • Neck – Face Warmth
  • Neck – Face Camo Blackout
  • Choice of 3 Camo Colours
  • 1 Size Fits All



If you’re a hunting, camping or hiking fanatic, you may have already heard of a neck warmer or tube scarf; a tube-shaped piece of material which is amazingly versatile and often used during outdoor excursions or sports.
There are endless ways how to wear a neck warmer.
Perfect item to protect your neck and or face from the weather elements.
This single piece of material has a multitude of uses if you’re a lover of adventures, but it can also be used as a functional camoflage accessory.


  1. Scarf – simply pull the tube scarf over your neck for an effortlessly cool look, which will also keep you warm.
  2. Hood – This covers most of your head and is excellent for staying warm. Keep the front of the neck scarf under your chin, and pull the back up to cover your head.
  3. Balaclava – start off with the hood, then take the material from just under your chin and double it up and pull up to cover your nose for added warmth or sun protection.
  4. Face Mask – Start with the tube scarf on your neck, then pull it up to just below your eyes. This style is ideal to protect against dirt, dust, rain or cold.
  5. Neck Warmer – keep it around your neck but pull it up over your chin and the back of your neck. A great way to protect against wind burn when cycling.7 Pic
  6. Sun Guard – put it around your neck and pull the back up and over the back of your head – this works particularly well when worn under a hat or helmet.
  7. Head Band – Wear the neck warmer round your forehead to keep pesky hair at bay or absorb sweat when you’re on a long hike. Scrunch it up for a more casual look or fold it to look like a pro.
  8. Hair Band – begin with a scarf around your neck, then pull it up at the front to push back your hair. Works well with either long or short hair.
  9. Head Scarf – start off with the hair band look, then pull the tube scarf back – perfect for bad hair days!
  10. Hair Tie – Like a simple scrunchie, wrap the neck gaiter around your ponytail to hold your hair back.
  11. Bandana – Take your neck warmer and turn it inside out. Put both of your arms through the garment and cross the grab the ends of opposite sides of the tube. Pull both ends to form a knot at 1/3 from the end of the tube – shape it a bit so the opening is large enough to fit your head. Place on your head and adjust the knot until the fit is perfect. This can be worn under your helmet without having to adjust the helmet size.
  12. Wristband – wrap around your wrist enough times till the fit is snug, a great way to absorb sweat on runs.
  13. Hat Liner – a neck scarf is thin and lightweight enough to be worn under a hat for extra warmth and protection against windburn. Lay it over your head and simply pop your hat on top.
  14. Helmet Liner – just like the hat liner, use a scarf to add an extra layer underneath your helmet.
  15. Beanie/Cap – First grab your neck tube and turn it inside out. Place one end of the tube on the top of your head, and then twist it in the centre at least twice. Then take the opening above the twist and pull it down over your head.
  16. Sahariane– One of the most classic ways to wear a neck warmer. Turn it inside out, lay it flat over your head with the openings at the front and the back. Open the top layer of the tube, hold inside with a hand over your forehead and with the other hand pull the top layer down over your head to form a cap shape.
  17. Bobble hat – Give your beanie hat a bit of a flair with the single layered bobble hat style. Start off with the beanie, but tie the loose end of the neck warmer into a big knot instead of pulling it down over your head.
  18. Do Rag – A simple do rag pulled over your head and left open at the back means you can protect your neck from the sun.
  19. Foulard – Start with the hairband, but open up the back of the neck warmer slightly. Create some fabulous hairdos with this style!


## Manufacturers HunterCo ## D01 / D584 / D587 ##
Distributor Warranties Apply On All ‘New’ Product, Unless Stated Otherwise.

Additional Information

Neck Gaiter

D012 CAMO EXTRA Real Tree, D584 CAMO EDGE Real Tree, D587 CAMO GREEN Real Tree


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