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Bruni REPLICA Beretta 8mm Model 92-F Semi Auto Blank Firing Pistol

Bruni REPLICA Beretta 8mm Model 92-F Semi Auto Blank Firing Pistol


Being Semi Auto you can squeeze and release as slow or as fast as you like to spend your rounds.
Bruni REPLICA Beretta 8mm Model 92 Full AUTO Blank Firing Pistol - FULL AUTO

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Product Description

Bruni REPLICA Beretta 8mm Model 92-F Semi Auto Blank Firing Pistol – TOP VENTINGBruni Guns Logo

From Bruni comes this Replica 8mm  Beretta MODEL 92-F SEMI-AUTO Blank Firing Pistol.

Being semi Auto you can squeeze and release as slow or as fast as you like to spend your magazine of 16 rounds.

Beretta Mod 92-F semi auto blank firing pistol, is a replica of the Beretta 92 pistol.Bruni REPLICA Beretta 8mm Model 92 Full AUTO Blank Firing Pistol - FULL AUTO
This is an awesome gun! Fantastic quality.

This is a variation of the world famous semi automatic Italian military handgun.
It is an official sidearm of the U.S. Army and other U.S. government agencies.
Bruni Mod 92 is an authentic, full sized, fully operative, blank firing reproduction weighs and feels like the original.
Fires extra loud 8 mm blanks in both single and double action – in Semi Auto.
This model has a modified trigger guard to suit a two-handed grip and extended magazine base.
Double action operation with ambidextrous lock and corrugator hook.
It is Great as a Movie prop, Military training Gun, Police training Pistol, Gun Safety Training, collecting and as a Display Gun.Made in Italy Logo
Authentic full sized, full operative blank firing reproduction.
Comes complete with a Magazine and a Hard-shell Carrying case.
This gun features a full metal frame, ambidextrous safeties, an exposed hammer and true double action.
It is very strong, and very BIG. One of the best blank guns available!

The Semi Automatic Beretta M92 8MM Blank Firing Replica Gun is modeled after the Beretta M9 pistol, which is the chosen pistol of the United States military.
This blank firing replica of the famous sidearm does justice to the sidearm reputation, with smooth slide action and realistic weight and feel that make it a great training tool or theatrical replica.
The pistol features a black tactical finish.
Like the original, it is a semi-automatic pistol, which means once properly loaded, every squeeze of the trigger will recycle a round from the ejecting clip.Bruni REPLICA Beretta 8mm Model 92 Blank Firing Pisto

Release the clip, load the 8mm blanks, reload the clip, pull back the slide and commence firing in semi auto.
This blank gun is as seen in the movies, TV, and used extensively in law enforcement training.

Single Action – shot after stretching the cock and then shooting automatically
Double Action – cock may not be stretched first for rapid fire

This is a replica of the original.

Manufactured in Italy on the same technologies as the real version.
Fits perfectly in the palm. You will not regret purchasing.
Practical experience: quality replica of your favorite model 

This blank firing replica uses 8mm K blank ammunition. – For Ammunition

Bruni is a company that has been operating on the world market of firearms for fifty years.Bruni REPLICA GLOCK 17 8mm Blank Firing Pistol
It all started with the entrepreneurial imagination of Bruna Bruni, born in 1920, who at the end of the fifties, after many experiences in other industrial sectors, started the BRUNI company.
At the beginning, supplier of components and above all supplier of new ideas, products and concepts for a great and historic Milanese company of sporting weapons.
Hence, the transition to the production of blanket weapons and rocket launchers in parallel to the European-wide trade in hunting, shooting, ammunition and fireworks.
Then again at the end of the seventies, a series of great investments in the production of replicas of famous weapons, revolvers and automatic.
Large and continuous investments in production and innovation


  • Replica of Beretta 92 hand gun
  • Full automatic shootingMagazine
  • Caliber: 8 mm
  • 17 Round Magazine
  • Top venting
  • Made of Zinc
  • Plastic handles
  • Length 220mm
  • Weight 1100g
  • Colour: Black
  • Ammunition: 8mm K blank CLICK HERE



  • Bruni Replica Beretta Mod 92 AUTO Blank Firing Pistol
  • Cleaning Brush
  • ABS Storage Case
  • ManualBruni Top Firing Logo


You don’t require a Firearms License to purchase this item.
However, you must be over 18 years of age or older.
You will need to supply a copy of your photo identification as proof of age in order to complete the purchase.

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Distributor Warranties Apply On All ‘New’ Product, Unless Stated Otherwise.


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