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Bird Screamer Cartridges By Zink-Feuerwerk of Germany PKT50

Bird Screamer Cartridges By Zink-Feuerwerk of Germany PKT50


Bird Screamers explode with a very loud “SCREACH” that scares pest birds and wildlife.
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Product Description

Bird Screamer Cartridges By Zink-Feuerwerk of Germany PKT50

The Bird Screamers explode with a very loud “SCREECH” that scares pest birds and wildlife.
Fired from a hand held launcher, and will screech for 75 to 90 metres.
Actual range varies depending on firing angle and wind factors
Always aim the launcher at least 45 degrees upwards so the the spent cartridges cool before hitting the ground.
58mm long, 15mm diameter red cartridges2.2 1Pic
Box of 50 cartridges.
Made in Germany.

A firearms license is not required in NZ to use the Launcher and the Pyrotechnics cartridges.
Users must be over 18 years old.
The products must be kept in locked storage while not in use.
Keep away from any sparks or ignition sources.


Pyrotechnics are banger or screamer cartridges fired from a hand held launcher pistol.
Our cartridges are imported from a specialist manufacturer in Germany, for reliable and consistent quality.
Pyrotechnics are an effective way to add to any bird control program in vineyards.

Why Pyrotechnics are great for bird control:

  • Bangers and screamers threaten, confuse and disorient all bird species, creating an environment
    Pigeon-control-icon they quickly learn to avoid.
  • Pyrotechnics are portable and can be used anywhere to quickly move on large flocks of birds attacking a vineyard / orchard etc.
  • Use of both banger and screamer cartridges, confuses birds and prevents them from becoming used to the sounds.
  • Change and randomization are both important factors in deterring birds. This is easily achieved with pyrotechnics.
  • An easy way to add to any bird control programme, pyrotechnics can be used along with other methods of bird control.
  • Safer and more effective than shooting.
  • A gun licence is not required, and pyrotechnics can be used by any one over the age of 18 years.


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Pyrotechnics Bird Pistol – Record Weinberg – CLICK HERE

Complete Starter Pyrotechnics Bird Pistol KIT – CLICK HERE Global Freighting Logo

## Manufacturers Pyrotechnics Code ## ZBS-50 ##
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