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Adjustable 19 – 29lb Compound Bow – Blue – By Man Kung

Adjustable 19 – 29lb Compound Bow – Blue – By Man Kung


The Man Kung adjustable 19 to 29 Lbs compound bow set is the perfect archery kit for the budding archer-er!
Man Kung is reknown for their quality build unlike lower cost manufacturers.

Adjustable 19 - 29lb Compound Bow - Blue - By Man Kung



Product Description

Adjustable 19 – 29lb Compound Bow – Blue – By Man KungMan Kung Archery Manufacturer Logo

Gift Packed for that budding archer-er.

Looking for an awesome youth bow just like mum and dad’s?
Then the Apex Champion 2 from the legendary Taiwanese Archery Manufacturer ‘Man Kung’ is the perfect bow for you.
With adjustable draw length and draw poundage, the Champion 2 will suit most kids.
With the added benefits of an aircraft grade alloy riser and injection molded fiberglass limbs for strength the Apex Champion is a tough and durable option.
Unlike other youth bows, the Champion is fitted with a cable guard which is key for accuracy as it eliminates arrow deflection off the cables.
This means that you have all the benefits of a full size compound at a far lower price and a package that will suit kids!

Suitable Arrows; 26 Inch Fibreglass Arrows (anything over 28 Inches is too long)
Suitable Age; 5-10 years
Suitable For; Both Right And Left Handed People


  • Draw Weight – 19 – 29lbs
  • Draw Length 24 – 26 inch
  • Length
  • Axle to Axle 32″Brace Height 7.5 inches
  • Weight 2.2lbs (1kg)
  • Dual Cam
  • Let Off – 65%
  • Right Handed Only
  • Recommended Arrows 26″ Fibreglass or Wood CLICK HERE for additional arrows
  • Feet Per Second 129 fps


PACKAGE INCLUDES: Adjustable 19 - 29lb Compound Bow - Blue - By Man Kung

  • Compound Bow
  • Arm Guard
  • Finger Tab
  • Hip Quiver
  • Pin Sight
  • Arrow Rest
  • 2 x 26 Inch Fibreglass TARGET Arrows


Original MAN KUNG Mfg. of Taiwan Archery Products are NOT Low Quality China Made Generic Products
Made in Taiwan to an Exacting Quality, you can be rest assured that Man Kung Archery is a Superior Product!
There is NO COMPARISON, REAL Man Kung Archery Products are getting really hard to find, due to everybody pushing the low-cost China copies, as Man Kung!
– Real Man Kung Products, WILL look exactly like the picture above and will say Made in Taiwan.
The copies, obviously say CHINA!
Very hard to beat QUALITY at an Affordable Price

## Manufacturers / Man Kung Code ## MK-CB30 ##

Distributor Warranties Apply On All ‘New’ Product, Unless Stated Otherwise.

Adjustable 19 - 29lb Compound Bow - Blue - By Man Kung


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