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7 Pocket Monster Bum Bag (Fanny Pack) Approach – BADLANDS

7 Pocket Monster Bum Bag (Fanny Pack) Approach – BADLANDS


The Monster is Badlands’ best selling fanny pack, no question! – REVIEWS at bottom of page.
Covered by the
famous Badlands unconditional warranty:
“We will fix it for free forever.
We don’t care if you bought it at a second-hand store, and if we can’t fix it, we will replace it. *
7 Pocket Monster Bum Bag (Fanny Pack) Approach - BADLANDS
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Product Description

7 Pocket Monster Bum Bag (Fanny Pack) Approach – BADLANDS 1.10

Oh how we hate calling this a fanny pack, but that is the US term for NZ ‘Bum Bag’.
Fanny Pack just evokes images of tourist carrying cameras and prancing around amusement parks.
Well we have news for you – there will be no prancing.
For over 20 years, the Monster Hunting Fanny Pack has set the standard for the rest of the world for what a “Hip Hauling S.O.B” should be.
With more than 1000 cubic inches of storage (16 Litres) spread over 7 pockets, a Delron flex frame for support and an adjustable shoulder harness, the Monster Fanny Pack will free you up to really get down and dirty on your next hunt.7 Pocket Monster Bum Bag (Fanny Pack) Approach - BADLANDS
All of the usual Badlands suspects are there: Durable KXO-32™ fabric, aramid reinforced stitching, Hypalon stress points and our Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.*
Throw in hydration reservoir capability and some bedroll straps and the Monster is everything you never expected in a hunting pack this size.
Bum pack features a built in flex frame keeping the pack around your hips, 3-point adjustable shoulder straps, molded foam suspension, 5 pockets with a large top loading pocket with hidden zipper, and features such as a built in hydration system which tucks away when not in use (bladder not included), + two additional fold down work station pockets.

The Monster is Badlands’ best selling fanny pack, no question! – REVIEWS at bottom of page.
The Delron flex-frame prevents the fanny load from sagging backwards and the adjustable shoulder straps keeps a heavy load from creeping down below the hip bones.
It is the perfect pack for sweat-free hunting in warmer conditions.
It is covered by the famous Badlands unconditional warranty: “We will fix it for free forever. We don’t care if you bought it at a second-hand store, and if we can’t fix it, we will replace it. *

This 2-pound bag is compatible with 1 liter of hydration, comes with three removable or adjustable shoulder straps, and a total of seven pockets to fit everything you need in the great outdoors.

“Although its name seems contradictory to a Minimalist’s mission, the spacious, versatile Monster (1,000 cubic inches, one large main 7 Pocket Monster Bum Bag (Fanny Pack) Approach - BADLANDS compartment with five smaller pockets; 2 pounds 14 ounces) is lighter and much more streamlined than most day packs,” said Mark Melotic at Outdoor Life.

For those sick of wearing full-sized backpacks hunting, this is the answer.
It’s made well, won’t sag annoyingly, and offers great water resistance.
As mentioned, the fanny pack comes with 7 pockets, including two workstation-style, fold down pockets for holding your gear on the trail.
The craftsmanship on this pack is high-quality and made with the most waterproof, quietest, and strongest material in terms of outdoor hunting packs.
If you still aren’t convinced, you’ll be glad to know that Badlands offers a lifetime warranty that is unconditional.*

Although this bag holds plenty of gear, it doesn’t feel as though you’re carrying a lot.
The shoulder straps combined with the waist support band make it easy to carry your items.
The versatility of compartments on the fanny pack allows you to place what you want right where you want it.
There is a wire support running over the bag’s top to keep it sturdy and held in place while you walk.
Although the bag is ideal for hunting, you can also use it for camping or hiking trips.
Many people struggle with finding a pack that fits comfortably and is also easy to take off, but this bag is ideal for any body size and offers pure quality.

7 Pocket Monster Bum Bag (Fanny Pack) Approach - BADLANDS


  • Molded Foam Suspension
  • Delron Flex-Frame
  • 3 Point Adjustable/Removable Shoulder Straps
  • Two Integrated Fold-Down Workstation Pockets


7 Pocket Monster Bum Bag (Fanny Pack) Approach - BADLANDS


  • Lightweight
  • Lifetime Unconditional Warranty *
  • Total Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Dimensions: 230 x 380 x 177mm
  • Pockets: 7
  • Volume Main: 425 CI – 7 Litres
  • Volume Total: 1100 CI – 18 Litres!1.102


Badlands Spares CLICK HERE

## Manufacturers Badlands Code ## 21-13635 ##
Distributor Warranties Apply On All ‘New’ Product, Unless Stated Otherwise.


Adaptive Colouration
A carefully constructed and neutral color palette allows the Approach pattern to adapt to your surroundings AND the current lighting conditions.
Changing light will no longer dictate whether or not you stay hidden when it matters most.

Multi-Layered Visual Confusion1.9
An almost obscene amount of layers were built into Badlands Approach to ensure that the eye cannot detect where one shape ends and another begins.
This is the basis of visual confusion and the key to truly effective camouflage.

Design, Test, Repeat
The most meticulously tested project in Badlands history, Approach has ventured across the globe and been tested in countless different types of terrain. Only when it was perfect were we able say with confidence, “the new approach to hunting is here.”


Simply soak it in the tub with a mild scent free detergent, rinse well and line dry out of direct sunlight.
Do not put pack in the washer or dryer.1.9

For the last twenty years, Badlands has been designing and producing the world’s best hunting packs, hunting apparel and hunting accessories. During the past two decades, Badlands has also focused on developing the best tents, shelters and sleeping bags built for the specific needs of hunters.

Badlands Legendary Warranty *

We don’t care what happened, or whose fault it was, we will fix it for free forever.
We could care less if you bought it at a garage sale or a gear swap, as long as it says Badlands, it’s covered.
All we ask is that you use and abuse your pack as much as possible so we can learn how to make our products even better.Badlands Unconditional Lifetime Warranty Image

However, the pack must be repairable, if you throw it in a fire,-with the expectations that sort of craftiness will yield you a brand new pack – that is incorrect.
In all honesty, we have seen it all and we understand accidents happen and if it is legit we will always do our best to find you a replacement pack from our demo fleet.

Badlands has always been known for having the best warranty in the hunting industry bar none.
As a matter of fact, since we began in 1994 we have built our business around exceeding our customer’s expectations.
With the launch of the Badlands’ Apparel line, nothing is going to change..
However, let’s face it, clothing is an entirely different animal, therefore, there are a few modifications.

The Official Badlands’ No Hassle Apparel Warranty

Badland’s unequivocally guarantees that anything with a “Red Bull’s head” on it, will be the absolute finest garment you have ever owned, period.
We guarantee your Badlands product against defects in materials or workmanship under normal wear and tear for the life of the product.
If at the time you purchase one of our products, it does not exceed your expectations, return it and we will exchange or refund your purchase.
However, if life hands you a particularly bad day of hunting (sounds impossible right?) and you rip or tear your Badlands gear, we will do our absolute best to repair it if we can.
NOTE;  There is a shipping cost payable by the NZ owner to freight the product back to Badlands in the US to facilitate the above warranty


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