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2 Litre Hydration Bladder From Rocky Mountain ®

2 Litre Hydration Bladder From Rocky Mountain ®


The Water Bladder is silent and has a 2 litre capacity.

For extra hot days, simply freeze the night before, it will not crack or burst.
2 Litre Hydration Bladder From Rocky Mountain ®
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Product Description

2 Litre Hydration Bladder From Rocky Mountain ®Rocky Mountain Logo

The Rocky Mountain hydration bladder is designed to fit with most hydration backpacks or similar devices.
The bladder, mouthpiece and tube are all manufactured from materials that are free of any carcinogenic agents.
It is advisable to clean the bladder, tube and mouthpiece on a regular basis.
The bladder is not designed to take hot fluids, nor should the bladder be filled and then frozen, as expansion may rupture the seals.
Always check for leakage after filling as misuse or other objects could cause puncturing in the bladder.


  • 2 litre capacity
  • Big mouth opening
  • Big hand grip
  • Quick releases tube
  • No drips safety tap
  • Neoprene wrapped hose
  • Jet flow mouth piece
  • Easy clean removable mouth piece
  • 6P and BPA free
  • Anti-bacterial TPU film


Cleaning tips to keep your Rocky Mountain Bladder fresh and clean.

* Before using for the first time and when disinfecting, fill with water, add a teaspoon or two of liquid bleach and leave overnight before washing as above.
* To remove odours, fill with water and add two teaspoons of baking soda and leave overnight.
* If using often, simply leave full and in the fridge or freezer at home. If using less often the most important thing is to keep your Rocky Mountain Bladder dry between uses, especially after using non-chlorinated water. “
* If you want to store for long periods just add 2-3 drops of liquid bleach to water (room temperature).3.2

* For general cleaning, remove from your pack and scrub with warm soapy water.
* Dry, leaving the top open.

* To clean the tube after prolonged use, scrub with a pipe cleaner or rag on a soft wire.
* Make sure your Rocky Mountain Bladder is completely dry inside out before storing.
* If you puncture, simply patch with a waterbed type patch or similar.


## Manufacturers / Rocky Mountain Code ##HB202 ##

Distributor Warranties Apply On All ‘New’ Product, Unless Stated Otherwise.


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