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1.4L Alloy – Aluminum Camping / Outdoor / Hunting Kettle

1.4L Alloy – Aluminum Camping / Outdoor / Hunting Kettle


Lightweight Anodized Aluminum Alloy Kettle, perfect for your gas cooker.

Weighing in at a mere 210 grams.

Compact size for packing / carrying and includes a nylon Carry Bag.
1.4L Alloy - Aluminum Camping - Outdoor - Hunting Kettle
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Product Description

1.4L Alloy – Aluminum Camping / Outdoor / Hunting KettleAlocs Logo

Reject Heavy Metal and Choose ALOCS Lightweight Kettle, weighing in at just  210 grams!
During a long and remote trip, the company of your Alocs CW-K03 Kettle makes it possible to have hot water, tea, coffee or for your dehydrated food.
This kettle can be used with an alcohol stove, gas stove, or gas cooker.
It is perfect for camping when you need to boil water or make tea.
Stainless steel strainer to get the perfect brew.
Get the CW-K03 kettle, start an unforgettable and warm trip!

Food safety is one of our livelihood issues that everyone understands.
As a professional outdoor cookware supplier, ALOCS has a responsibility and a duty to pay attention to food safety.
So our lightweight 1.4 Litre kettle is free from heavy metal and has passed through a series of international authentications, USA FDA and Germany LFGB certifications.

The CW-K03 model is made of food-grade hard-anodized aluminum material which features higher anti-scratch rigidity and higher stability than ordinary alumina, heating fast and super lightweight.

FEATURES1.4L Alloy - Aluminum Camping - Outdoor - Hunting Kettle

  • Made of ultralight aluminum, the surface of the kettle has been anodized to give the kettle anti-scratch and corrosion-resistant performance.
  • Pot lid designed for, anti-scalding, & ease of handling, bionic shark fin.
  • Insulated Fold-able Handle
  • Ribbed design of the kettle bottom provides anti-skid functionality, and ensures even heating.
  • Short spout design, which is super convenient to carry.
  • Nylon carrying bag is also included.  


SPECIFICATIONS1.4L Alloy - Aluminum Camping - Outdoor - Hunting Kettle

  • 1.4L Capacity. 
  • Material: Anodized Aluminum oxide
  • Volume: 1.4L
  •  Dimensions: 155 x 120mm
  • Weight: 210 grams


## Manufacturers Alocs Code ## CW-K03 1.4L ##
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