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Airflo-LogoDog GPS Tracking Collar (TekTrac By Sportdog) ONLY LEGAL SYSTEM IN NZ!Dog GPS Tracking Collar (TekTrac By Sportdog) ONLY LEGAL SYSTEM IN NZ!Dog GPS Tracking Collar (TekTrac By Sportdog) ONLY LEGAL SYSTEM IN NZ!





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Product Description

Dog GPS Tracking Collar (TekTrac By Sportdog) ONLY LEGAL SYSTEM IN NZ! Garmin Astro GPS Collar System is ILLEGAL To Use In New Zealand With INSTANT Fines of $1,500 & Confiscation! Orders Being Taken Now For December Delivery. NZ LEGAL Frequency 863 – 870MHz 3 YEAR Warranty Introducing NZ’s first LEGAL GPS tracking system: You can now track your dog using GPS LEGALLY! The ultimate solution for the most intense hunting experience. Compact & lightweight Handheld Device provides an instant fix on the locations of up to 12 dogs* up to a distance of 11 km with just a glance at the backlit liquid crystal display screen. The Handheld Device is scalable up to 120 km in diameter, & provides multiple-waypoint capabilities. It also lets the user know if their dog is on point or treed. Both the GPS Collar & Handheld Device are completely waterproof & submersible with the GPS Collar featuring our renowned DryTek™ technology & NZ Exclusive Stainless Armour Cover. 2 hour charge for a minimum of 20 hrs continuous use, you’re always on the hunt when you track with TEK.   PACKAGE CONTENTS * Handheld Device * GPS Collar * Operating Guide * Getting Started Guide * Lanyard * Adapter OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE


Comments From The NZ Distributor

With Garmin compared to Sportdog Tek

• Obviously illegal (will be confiscated) vs Legal,

• Zero warranty vs 3 Year Sportdog warranty

• Non-repaired (illegal to repair in NZ) vs full repair service available.

• Wait for imports to be smuggled into the country vs Available immediately (from 2nd Dec)

• Customs ceasing at boarder illegal imports

But cannot convince everyone, some will still prefer to break the law!

The prosecution of a Hastings pig hunter for using illegal dog tracking collars has shed light on an issue the

New Zealand Pig Hunting Association has been trying to resolve for more than two years.

Yesterday Graham Scarfe 31, admitted using illegal Garmin dog tracking collars, which interfere with radio
frequencies used by a range of industries, including some emergency services.

He was fined $1200 and an order was made for the tracker’s destruction. He had pleaded guilty to a charge
of transmitting radio waves without a radio licence.

Police found five illegal trackers at Scarfe’s property in Hastings last August.

The court heard GPS data downloaded from Scarfe’s units showed one or both of the devices had been used
 on numerous occasions in June and July last year.

Ministry prosecutor Jessica Blythe said the “serious” offending was part of a “worrying increase” in the use
of such devices.

“The radio frequencies are used by a number of industries but in particular forestry, transport and logging
companies,” she said. “These devices can interfere with emergency communications in these sections.

“There is potential for emergency lines to become blocked so generally the person trying to make contact
cannot hear anything. The safety issues and risks that can result from this are significant, particularly in

regard to forestry industry where these radio communications services are relied upon.”

Scarfe’s lawyer, Peter Austin, said the dog collars were bequeathed to his client some years ago. Scarfe was
 not “particularly savvy” regarding the law around radio waves,” Mr Austin said.

Judge Richard Watson said the concern the ministry had was in regard to the interference with other radio
frequencies and the safety aspect associated with having clear communication via radio networks.

“Safety within the forest is a big issue, there have been a number of deaths recorded, and if workers cannot
use radio bands, due to your interference, that is a safety element that is no longer available to them.”

## Manufacturers Code ## PS-TEK-V1L-NZ ##

Distributor Warranties Apply On All ‘New’ Product, Unless Stated Otherwise.


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